Abuse You/Saving Me – Multi-Perspective Poetry

For those of you who don’t know who I am, You can read about my own struggles with emotional abuse in a romantic relationship, here, and with my own father, here.

I wanted to get creatively in touch with a dark subject in my life. So, I wrote poems from two perspectives. The abuser and the victim. This was a creative effort designed to shine light on something that we are all terrified to speak about. Abuse.

Abuse You

(Abuser’s Side)


Like a vampire in the night,

My fun comes at your expense.

I like to keep it out of sight,

I like to leave you feeling tense.

It’s clear to see,

Your misery,

From the way you beg and plea.

Yet unbeknownst to you,

Your sorrow breathes like air to me.

The best thing that you could do,

Would be to set me free,

But, I have my hooks in you,

And I don’t plan to leave you be.


If you’re the apple of my eye,

Then I suppose I like bruised fruit.

I keep it bottled up inside,

Until it’s time for a dispute.


There’s something that you may have missed,

In this character of mine,

From the moment that we first kissed,

I began to suck,

The marrow from your spine.


The world needs its balance,

Every hero needs a villain.

The good believe in valiance,

The bad,

Only what is thrillin’.


If you sought out my motivations,

I suppose it would be power.

Too addictive for a full cessation,

I like to feel my victims cower.


You may hate me

For my abuse,


I may hate me too.

My actions betray that I’m obtuse,

Yet, I’ll never admit that this is true.

Inside, I’m but an empty shell.

That’s why I like to give you hell.

I’ve been breaking others for so damn long,


To avoid looking at myself.

I’m a cutthroat,


You’re my scapegoat.


I’ll abuse you,


Because I hurt too.


Yet, the secret behind it all,

That’s capable of breaking me in two,

As an evil, I have one pitfall,

I am nothing without you!

Saving Me

(Victim’s Side)


I’m precious like a flower,

And I gave myself to you.

You may think I am a coward,

But it’s the opposite that’s true.

I’m pure of heart,

I love myself,

And I once loved you too.

Until, I realized the games you played.

Now, I know just what to do,

Because, I’m much too good for you.


You can talk and hiss,

With that serpent’s tongue.

It’s something I will not miss.

Back to the fires from whence you’ve sprung,

I’m crawling out from this abyss.


I’d never hated you,

Until I’d a reason to.

I’ve seen your hollow soul,

Through your lack of self-control.

It dawned upon me slow,

When you claimed, weakness,

On the virtues I extol.


After this is said and done,

When I’ve found myself in safety.

I’ll make sure you don’t harm anyone,

I’ll be smart, not acting hasty.

I may be looking out for me,

But good supports each other too.

You’ll see!


You’ve abused me,


Now I hate you.


Believed you were smart,


With your black heart.


Prepare to fall very hard,

You may learn your lesson yet.

When I catch you off your guard,

I may be kind, but won’t forget.

Love is stronger than your hate,

The world needs me.

You’re free to dissipate.


One day you’ll die a miserable man,

Afraid and all alone.

Without a friend to help you stand,

Or a prayer to help atone.


You may believe, to be magnificent,

For the way you have control.

But, you’re utterly insignificant,

As a man who has no soul!

I just want to note, that although I wrote these poems from the perspective of a male abuser and a woman as the victim, abuse can take many forms. Including a female aggressor and a male victim. 

If you are a Canadian and may be a victim of abuse, or if you know someone that may be a victim. This site is a great resource for finding help. Ending Violence Canada

For victims of family abuse – Kid’s Help Phone is a great resource.

For anyone else suffering from an abusive relationship. HelpGuide has a helpful website that can be viewed here.

Have you ever experienced abuse? Let’s talk about it.

14 thoughts on “Abuse You/Saving Me – Multi-Perspective Poetry

    1. I think they feel a lot, and it’s all a spectrum though. Some people are straight up sociopaths or psychopaths and they may not. Others may be acting out of their own personal pains.

      I’m not above admitting that I’ve had my moments where I’ve noticed my father’s narcissistic tendencies in myself and I’ve had to make conscious efforts to reshape the behavior that I grew up with as “normal”. I just do my utmost to hold myself accountable.

      It’s important to me to be a good person and to be a good influence on those whose lives I touch.

      Liked by 3 people

  1. I break down and cry….
    Because I can recognize myself in some of the things you write ….remember how I feel from my own childhood…
    Hurt and much pain and cop with life and struggling and fighting with all my emotions…well, I still do….always scars burned into my soul, heart and bones…. but I am better now..
    You are brave❤️And such a talent you have, your words are like symphonie in my mind and beautifully painful, but still you captivate me with your words…
    Thank you❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ One of the best compliments I've ever received. I'm so glad my writings are able to evoke such strong emotions from you. I think that's every writers dream.

      As for all the childhood stuff, follow me long enough or go back through my posts far enough and you'll notice I have plenty of my own childhood issues!

      I hope that you've come a long way since then though

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, that was quite a compliment❤️you made my day.
        Yes, I know, it is every writers dream.
        I will read more about you, and yes, I have come a long way since then… I just wanted you to know….
        Thank you again.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh it’s this one. It’s one of the fist poem I read from you… I guess I’ve said so much about it already so I’ll let it rest. I’m happy to know that you have a small sunshine, Nova, to brighten up your day now. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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