Living With Anxiety


Thump, thump,




My heartbeat pounds,

Against my chest.

I make no sounds,

I get no rest.

It seems…

I’m feeling kind of stressed.


My heart thuds, three more knocks,

Too anxious to be cognitive,

Except for that one paradox.


I run


I fall


I crawl


My feet cant keep up to my mind,

It’s the story of my life – I find.


It comes and goes in waves,

One day I’m flying to the moon,

And the next, the moon is crashing down upon me.




Then next, a coward’s all I see.

A judgement made too soon?


Which one is me?


I suppose it’s somewhere in between


Anxiety cuts like a knife

A bloodthirsty companion

Who will take your life,

By scaring you with phantoms.

Then draws a blade across your throat,

As your most reliable turncoat.

He’s the friend that has no soul –

But, he tells you he does it for you.

He only wants what’s best for you,

By leaving you in control.

By saving you from a future,

That’s yet to take a toll.


Those wounds are going to need some sutures


There’s no protection from what lies ahead.

Anxiety is full of lies that spread,

Like a malignant tumor,

For a worrying consumer,

One could just ignore it, instead.


Who am I without these worries?

With a lack of anticipation for life’s furies.

A lack of incredible inner tenseness,

More prone to react to consequences.

Less concerned to be prepared,

About what may never even be there.

Just another phantom,

Of my anxiety,

Intimidating me,

And begging me to be seen.

Only those who feel it, know exactly what it means.

Tried something different for you all with this one. Let me know what you think. I wanted to add a personal touch to it. Hence the photo and voice recording.

38 thoughts on “Living With Anxiety

  1. “Only those who feel it, know exactly what it means.” I agree… A lot of my friends think that if I just say; pshhh no thank you. It’ll stop. But no, it won’t. There are few who understand and many of them have been through it themselves. Excellent work 😊

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  2. Really, really good poem! I could feel each and every line, and word. You seem to express what I wanted to say. Especially the line: “One day I’m flying to the moon, And the next, the moon is crashing down upon me.”
    P.S. Your voice and reading is really intense too. Amazing! It’d be great if you read more poems of your own. πŸ™‚

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  3. Felt this❀️and when you read it, I can feel it even more, because your words coming from you, and it is not something I just read…. oh wow, this was hard to explain in English… but make me believe in your words… you have a lovely voice, I hope we all can listen more to you. Your poems should be seen and heard and read all over the world, because you are so much talented.
    I really hope you reach far❀️
    Take care.

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  4. I thought this was totally awesome! You made a good song, int he format of a poem. I love the rhyme, and you didn’t get pitchy by saying random things, it was bound tightly and perfectly.

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