Always be my Princess, and I’ll Forever be your Knight

A thing so pure and innocent,

radiating deep joy from within her little heart.

Her bashful face makes my heart race,

so intimate,

to not shower her with kisses would be a sin.


She makes for great exercise,

when I’m tired and lazy.

She’s better than medicine,

when my mind’s gone crazy.


Who would have ever known-

that I could feel so much lighter,

with all the love that’s shown,

holding a twenty-pound baby.

I couldn’t embrace her any tighter…




Her smile could melt a frost,

and her calm could cool a heat, pyretic.

We’re invincible when we’re together,

If her sweetness were measured-

I’d be one symptomatic diabetic.


As poetic as new life awakening,

during the dawn of a blossoming Spring.

As angelic as the voices of saints, hastening –

to heal the world with the words they sing.


I love you, dear,

for all your love,

which I’ve also received.

You shine like hues of pretty colors,

too vibrant to be believed.


You beam like a star,

aside milky moonlight.

You’re my favorite by far,

in a world losing light.

Always be my princess,

and I’ll forever be your knight.

Dedicated to My Beautiful Daughter, Nova! ❤


40 thoughts on “Always be my Princess, and I’ll Forever be your Knight

  1. Wow!! This is really beautiful Mathew 💕❤️ straight from soul and heart 💓
    Nova is truly very adorable and blissful. Really loving and caring words. Really I enjoyed this poem very much!!❤️❤️

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  2. Amazing! How expressive and love clearly visible in your every line!
    What a sweet name too, Nova… And she looks really sweet too.
    When she grows up, I bet, she would pride on you. What an amazing gift for the little sweet girl! You have given her something to cherish on forever.

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  3. Very lovely name. Nova is powerful and multi-talented witch in one of my story. And trust me you’ll be grateful to be her friend and curse fate if she was your enemy haha 😀
    I enjoy reading this poem because it shows a father’s love. It’s a point of view which has never been clear to me. Thanks for sharing. I wish you a lifetime of blissful time with her. 🙂

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  4. I felt this love. Love from a fathers heart, it is so so beautiful.
    I am touched, because she is a lucky girl to have YOU as a dad.
    And you are the luckiest dad in the world to have her and one day she will read your poems aloud to you, not because she is learning to read but because she loves you…

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    1. That’s the hope. I have this strange compulsion in me to do things incase I die tomorrow. Travelling overseas was one of those things… Writing a book of poems for not daughter that touches on love, emotions and life lessons is another.

      One great thing about written work is it will keep our essence in the world for some time after we’re gone… I’m fond of that idea…

      Thank you ❤

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      1. I’m also very fond of the idea of written work’s keep our essence in the world for some time after we’re gone–both leaving my own behind and connecting with others now through what they’ve left behind.

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  5. “If her sweetness were measured,

    I’d be a symptomatic diabetic.”
    Cuteness overload, my God! 💙💙 She’s beautiful and I hope she’ll always know it 💙💙

    By the way, wanna write a little sumn?

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  6. Aww Nova is blessed beyond words. She’s got you as her knight in shining armor.
    Love how you captured the deep, timeless love of a father for his daughter ….. it makes me miss my Dad all the more …. He went ahead to Heaven, and yet he is with me forever… in my heart. And I continue to live his legacy of love …. I salute my Dad with love! 🙂

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      1. Aww what a beautiful, powerful dream! And I’m confident that it will turn into reality. Your spectacular gift should definitely go beyond your amazing posts. Just make sure that you remember me when I ask for your autograph during your book launching! ❤️❤️❤️

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