Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

You’ve told yourself lies,

For too many years now.

So many that the lies’ve become reality,

In your eyes.


And time flies,

But blind eyes,

Will always stay blind.

It doesn’t matter how you cry,

Or how you manipulate.

You could never appreciate,

Or contemplate,

Just build an illusion,

And fill it up with lies and hate.


I don’t know what’s happened to you since,

Except that you act sappy,

With a new stand-in prince,

But if you told me you were happy,

I’d not yet be convinced.

Happy now, perhaps,

“But, happy for how long?”, I ask!

When will the next scorn lover collapse,

Upon completion of your task?


Someone needs to warn this woebegone,

Before he learns he’s the woebegone,


Under the beating of a vicious sun,

Except his fate shall be darker than my past,

For he dared to bare a child,

With one so crass.


As nearly, did I.


And in words strong but stern,

I say, “He ought to learn,

to kiss his ass,


Since it’s handed to a wicked lass.

I hope she doesn’t cloud his skies.

Yet I feel no outcry,

To do more than standby.

I’ve had my turn,

And he was involved,

In the burning,

Through which,

I evolved.

Now my stomach’s turning,

For I can sense his tears,

Like waterfalls.

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