To The Misfits, Rejects And Deeply Wounded

Come take cover under my strong wings, my dear,

I’ve lacked my own protection in my younger years.

I understand how hard it is to feel alone,

So, find some shelter  beneath the seeds I’ve sown.


All of you misfits, rejects and deeply wounded,

Take comfort here without being excluded,

As long as we’re a team, we can make due,

As we attempt to construe our worldly views.

You are not the only ones like you.


This world was built up for the many,

Not just those who wallow in the plenty,

A happy life shouldn’t cost a pretty penny.

Nor should we all need to bathe in judgement,

By the words of those with character so pungent.

Solemnly, I do declare, these types are too abundant.


Some people equate conformity with acuity,

Although it says not much about one’s ingenuity,

In fact, following a road which had been paved before you,

Makes it difficult to stumble upon a place that’s new.

Embrace those qualities that make you strange,

The world is just afraid of change.

Fear not of being left estranged.

Walk the border between here and there,

Those who love you want an honest exchange,

Authenticity just builds some character flair. 


In a world where we’re all told how to breathe,

The free minds and rebels learn to seethe.





27 thoughts on “To The Misfits, Rejects And Deeply Wounded

  1. That’s some powerful stuff, you’ve written there.

    “Take comfort here without being excluded” this place should exist. My comfort place is my mind when I’m alone because even though I’m afraid of the silence, I sometimes feel more welcomed by it than I do by the people I’ve known for a long time :/

    Really well done 😊

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  2. Wise sentiments, great poem. Wish it hadn’t taken me so many decades to reach a place where I no longer worry what others think of me. Something clicked when I hit 50 (a bit ago). I started calling that decade of my life The F**k Off Fifties, no long caring about shoulds or judgments, finally living MY life, quirky as it is.

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  3. “In a world where we’re all told how to breathe,
    The free minds and rebels learn to seethe.”

    Ahhhhhh!!!! Music to my soul. Freedom running through my blood. I JUST LOVE. It’s the very breath of life. And I feel like this is one of my life anthems. ❤️⭐️✨🌟💫❤️

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