One Wolf Walks Alone

For years we’ve held together a friendship,

Through tensions, which seemed not, but senseless.

I’d always tried to be a good friend to you,

In the ways I’d hoped you’d treat me too.

It’s just a shame this road’s one way, not two.


You’d always seemed quite helpless.

And to help you, my soul yearned.


I’ve a soul filled with concern,

And own a heart that’s not yet learned.

Excuse me, for being jaded,

As I work hard to ensure,

That these doors are securely barricaded.


When I was younger I was selfish,

Because selfish was all I’d known.

I expected selfish in return,

Like all those, with whom, I’d grown.


Settled for giving more than I’d take,

Grew up to become a wolf-

Raised in a nest of snakes.

No loyalty in the friend’s I’d make.

Always looking for a wild pack,

To fill a void for the love I’d lacked,

But ending up, instead, ransacked.


So, it is – that a wolf must travel alone,

It’s friends are rare, when they feel like home.

A drum thunders, as the wolf steps to its own beats,

Disheartened, walking down these one way streets…

Full of anger and the faces of those he’s disowned.

Searching for his answers in the epitome of some great unknown.


For how long is it wise to open a cloistered heart,

And hold hope, these fears, were wrong from the start?

Only to find out once again, that they’d never been,

And history repeats itself,

Knees deep in the bowels of this life’s latrine.


When you begin to lack trust in those you know,

You begin to have, inside, less trust to sow,

And become one of those you’ve always hated,

When in defense, your edges become serrated.


It’s a struggle to stay elated,

And animated,

When everything you’ve celebrated,

And fought for, seems in vain…


How long can one dance in the rain,

Before they slowly go insane?


I disagree with the very world I see,

And keep reaching out for more.

Hoping that one soul, may set me free,

And find my faith restored…


Until by chance, the world will atone,

For all the sins it’s shown,

There will be one wolf who walks alone.

51 thoughts on “One Wolf Walks Alone

  1. Atheism in the informal sense is a profoundly religious attitude. An attitude in life of total trust of letting go. When we form images of god they are all really exhibitions of our lack of faith—something to hold on to, something to grasp.
When we don’t grasp we have the attitude of faith. If you let go of all the idols of faith you will of course discover that what this unknown is precisely, the foundation of the universe, which is precisely you.
It is not the you you think you are (it is not your opinion of yourself) it is not your idea or image of yourself, it is not the chronic sense of muscular strain which we usually call “I” You can’t grasp it, of course not, why would you need to? Suppose you could, what would you do with it? You could never get at it!”. 
And so there is the profound central mystery of the attitude of faith—to stop chasing it, to stop grabbing it. Because if that happens the most amazing things follow. All these ideas of the spiritual, the godly as this attitude of “must”—”And we have laid down the laws which we are all bound to follow “. This is not the only way of being religious and relating to the inefable mystery that underlies ourselves in the world—you.
“If we cling to belief in God, we cannot likewise have faith, since faith is not clinging but letting go”—Alan Watts

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    1. I’d prefer to call myself agnostic because my mind is still open to the possibilities of the Universe. I still believe in energy, part of me believes in Buddhist principles like reincarnation. I’m spiritual in my own way, I just follow no doctrine.

      But this poem was never meant to be about religion for me. It’s just how alone I feel in this world. I don’t come across too many like me and I’m not too trusting.

      Thanks for your feedback. 😊

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      1. I’m certainly open to possibilities as well. I may say I’m an atheist but I don’t discount the fact that we are all individuals attuned differently to the world and universe—the energy you speak of is undeniable and tenable. When I lost faith I also lost friends and family. Your poem was excellent and resonates highly with me. One thing I learned after overcoming my fear of unbelief was—we got this! I realized I’d been going the gig we call life on my own all along. (with a little help from my friends) I also learned that a group that will embrace you over belief will discard you over unbelief, but then realizing through the process there are other ways of being connected.

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      2. You have an interesting story. Some religious folk would frown upon me for saying this, but I believe more in the power of the human mind. I believe that we are all creators. I believe in my own power and that I’m able to bring into creation my own dreams. Sometimes I speak to the Universe, but it’s just me grounding myself with the rest of life.

        If only every person trusted in themselves as much as they trust in these Gods, right? What a different sort of confidence that is.

        It sucks that you lost some friends and family because of your change in beliefs, but t’is the hypocrisy of some people. Some Christians love to demand respect for their religion but are quick to shun anyone with differing beliefs. Funny how that works right? hahah…

        Anyways… I don’t want to make this a big religious discussion lol

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      3. Colonialism has destroyed multiple ways of being that carried natural utility and traded it for mediocrity with which we are expected to be grateful. The bar is pretty low, but until humans are willing to be responsible we will be in belief mode —submitted to the will of established, turn-key dogmas and the big box religions. When mere belief is considered the highest honor or achievement we have a problem.

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      4. Thank you. Not to overwhelm or hog your comment section today, I have written quite a bit about this. I was determined to take this journey alone, without the opinions and comments of the experts. What could I observe of the world with the least amount of bias I could muster. I have yet to read an atheist book nor do I watch the videos. I believe our minds are hijacked by the men of words with a stake in the game and only through unbelief can we deconstruct the puzzle. If I may, here is one from not too long ago—

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  2. 🙂 Maybe it’s not that bad to be alone when people continue to let you down. Then, you can face yourself and learn how to enjoy your own company. I’ve never been part of a pack or a group, but I think that’s just a different experience of life that also enhances many abilities and possibilities. Not better, nor worse.

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  3. Like I shared, I’m deeply fascinated with wolves …. they have my deepest respect . And others may not see this, but I am also a wolf in many ways.

    Alhough we walk the less traveled path, I have peace with that ….. for it is an honor to be a wolf and to howl our messages of passion to the world…..

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  4. I can feel you have scorned and have learned. I have learned over the last the Lesson behind the two wolfs. An Native American Chieftain was teaching his grandson a Native American lesson. He started There are two wolfs, one is kind and helpful to both the Indian & his family. The Second wolf was evil & viscus and attacked the Indian and was cruel to his family and the other animals. Which of the two wolfs will you follow? the young brave thought and thought. He Know if He said the good wolf his answer might be wrong, and if he said the bad wolf he might be right. Not knowing which to choose He said “Grandfather which wolf do I choose?” The Wise Chief answered the answer is simple the one that you choose. I enjoy your blogs & poetry , & I hope yoy keep writing.

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    1. Thanks so much for this story. I deeply appreciate that story. I know that some people have called Donald Trump the wolf king, and I do not have the same ambitions as that man, so I’d hope to be the good wolf for sure. I do my best to be anyways. I try to take care of others. Will do my best to keep up the blog! It’s going to be a challenge with school starting now. Today is my first day actually.

      Thanks again 🙂


      1. I’m sorry to say I voted & support Trump but I’m sadden by the way he has skirted so many issues he promised to stand up for & the poor & eldery in the United States are suffering for that. People that are working for minim wage are living in the streets or cars

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      2. Thank You Thank you My standing verse is 2Chronicals 7:41-43 I believe that all Nations need to do & follow. that The world would be a better calmer place. My time here is Waning down I may have another 15 to 20 years at best. Then I’m off to find my Soulmate & spending eternity with her.

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  5. Heartfelt. Sometimes it feels better to be alone than to walk with those who suck you dry. But I believe in staying positive so I’ll say it’s better to keep searching for those who wants to share everything. Happiness, pain and burdens.

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