Orientation Week is Over And a New List of Priorities

Well, my first week of school is behind me, and honestly, it wasn’t nearly as intimidating as I thought it might be (I even talked to people). My confidence is quite high for the term to come now, so that’s a relief.



I’ve met a couple of friendly students along the way, my professors seem great and I’m really enjoying the content of my classes so far. Political and Social Science, Psychology and of course, English, are my areas of study this term. I look forward to diving head first into all of them more deeply. There seems to be a lot of philosophy in both my psych and social political thought classes. Sweet. 

I don’t think much about philosophy, but when I do – I think, therefore I am. 😉 Get it?

Aside from school, I’ve also been thinking a lot about my blogging life, about my blogging content and what’s going to be best for me moving forward… Really, I think, I just think too much! I’m over-thinking it, and now I’m thinking about all of the thinking that I do… It’s too much, really. All of this thinking.

I believe I’m just in need of shuffling my priorities. My injury is beginning to heal up more and more, I’m wanting to get back into athletic shape again. Perhaps not as big and beefy as I used to be, because I’ll have to be much more careful with myself, but I want to get lean again and strong. Lately I’ve been running more often which is great because I’d also like to build back up my tolerance for cardio. I really love running (I know you think I’m insane). Would be cool to do a half-marathon sometime, I might need to make up a bucket list and add that, then check it off.

Memo to self: Make a real bucket list


So anyways, for the longest time blogging has been my top priority, aside from being a father, but I feel blogging slowly trickling down my priority totem pole. Ahead of blogging I now have Dad duties, Schooling, Athletic goals and then Blogging…

Somewhere below that is dating/eating/sleeping.

I just need to find what works for me still. I’m going to stop pressuring myself to create daily posts though. If it happens, it happens and that’s great, but I won’t kill myself to keep it up. I’m hoping that I’ll be getting a lot of great material to work with through my course work. So hopefully you’re all keen. To some of you it might be like watching a baby try food for the first time. So that’s still endearing, right?


I figured we’re all writers here, so writing tips are never bad to throw out on a blog, and everyone enjoys psychology, don’t they? I think most people enjoy trying to figure out how other people work and how we work ourselves. Political and social science might be try at some points, but I’m sure I can find some inspiration in the philosophy. 😉

51 thoughts on “Orientation Week is Over And a New List of Priorities

  1. See we knew you could make it through the first week, and now the rest will be a piece of cake, you said you always get better over time. One day, stuff like this will be nothing and you will be giving out support for others. Our daughters made it thru now the second week and they seem much better as well. All is falling into place!

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  2. I’m glad your first week went well! I think you are really going to enjoy your classes and it will provide you with more writing material. I love Psychology and English too.
    I overthink as well and I tend to find the more overthinking I do, the less writing I do. So it’s definitely counterproductive for me.

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      1. That makes sense.
        Sometimes I start writing with the intention of it being something specific and then it spirals into something completely different, but I love it when that happens because then I start to write almost on autopilot and everything begins to flow naturally. You know what I mean?
        I took creative writing in college and we focused mainly on poetry. I loved that class and it really helped me get in touch with some heavy things happening in my life at the time and gave me the courage to take my life back.
        Anyway…I’m starting to ramble on 😅

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  3. I am so glad that your school went well and you are looking forward to it and and prioritize school and kids I totally agree with. Blog should be fun and and prioritize school and kids I totally agree with. Blog should be fun and enjoyable don’t tire you out because of the blog.
    Of course, I love your blog❤️but still…
    I wish you luck with your exercise, it is good for your soul, heart and mind…
    Ok, I have to stop myself, I can talk and talk…and talk….
    I wish you a great day.

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    1. I love that you can talk and talk and talk, because I’m a pretty quiet man of few words sometimes. It helps me immensely hahaha. Thank you Orki ❤

      I'm taking a note from you and learning when it's important to step-back, but unlike you, I don't spend much time on Instagram so I have more time for blogging 🙂

      I'm thinking I might be able to keep this up. We'll see.

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      1. You made me smile🌹 I’m glad you know your limitations and take care of yourself ..
        .. I care for you because I can’t live without you and your words and other interesting things you do on the blog ..
        … have a great day🐺
        Thank you for being you❤️always supporting and kind words…

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  4. Hi!
    How many people not related to you have ever told you they straight-up envy you! You are just getting started in life, and there is so much out there to look forward to! So, I envy you!! But not like, weirdly so, 🙂 — just enjoy yourself right now. Fill your head. Do everything you can do, write, paint or draw, learn an instrument, another language, how to cook, how to ski, change your car’s oil, take flying lessons, get a tat, omg–I just can’t think of everything you should do! But always have fun! OK, I’m done, grasshopper.

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    1. This was such a sweet comment ❤
      Thanks so much for that. I've been through a lot in my life and I've done a lot! I've traveled, I have tattoos, I have a kid, now I'm in University. I'm trying my best to do it all! Life is very short after all. I hope we have more interactions in the future, thanks for making my day a little bit brighter 🙂

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