A Love That’s Sought, Yet More Divine

Sweet silhouette of my fantasies,

Your essence rides upon the breeze,

In swiftly blowing streams.

You feel like such a tease,

Even though I’d not yet met you,

Except for in my dreams.


If I had you,

I’d be wrestling with the world,

As a man that feels renewed.

Your quiet eyes and gentle soul,

Would keep me wanting,

And waiting,

as I avoided the haunting –

Of common dating.


Although we’ve only ever met in dreams,

You’ve always had a part of me,

That quiet expression building steam,

Your heart fairer than my reality.

A soul too beautiful to be believed.

The antidote for a heart, aggrieved.


I’d never hoped that you might fix me,

But I’d longed to feel you kiss me.

I’ve just wanted to wrap my arms around you,

And express my joy, that you’re actually true.

Expose your heart to me and we’ll be bound,

As the royalty of this destiny we’d found.


Your king will always catch you falling.


In the midst of dark and lonely nights,

I can still feel you gently calling.


The awareness that my life lacks you, bites,

As if bitter fate was just forestalling.


So long for now, sweet, unknown woman of mine,

Until the time comes to whence we find,

With certainty, t’was no illusion –

In those dreamy places of space and time.


Just foreshadowing for two heartbeat’s fusion.

In a love that’s sought, yet more divine.

38 thoughts on “A Love That’s Sought, Yet More Divine

      1. Awe aren’t you just the sweetest ♥️ I have no life so I’m free to stalk anytime the mood strikes me lol

        Seriously one of my favorites that you have written, well top 2, with the one you wrote for your daughter the other day, that’s my number 1 ♥️

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I won’t be giving up on my blog, I just need to adapt with all of the other responsibilities happening in my life right now, and I don’t want to cut the quality of my content. So I’m going to be definitely posting 3 times a week, but possibly more. Thanks for your support!

        Liked by 1 person

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