The Inspiration Award from Becky

I would just like to extend a big thank you to Becky from Beckie’s Mental Mess for this award. Becky runs a blog which aims to both heal and share so that no one feels alone in their struggles.

The Inspiration Award

“The Inspiration Award: The Inspiration Award is a token of appreciation to blog authors who have inspired you, your blog, artistic influence, and writing.”

The Guidelines

There’s no limit on how many or few you wish to award. Simply appreciate those who have inspired you!

I hope this is a blessing and everyone participates. But it’s not mandatory.

“Now, who has inspired my blog?”

img_20190911_224154_2448904992011058752469.jpg“Hmmm, well… I can think of a few people!”

Shreya Vikram of The Midnight Ember played a big role in the creation of my style. She was also one of the first bloggers that I’d talked to for advice and she literally sent me an entire email’s worth of thoughtful tips. She writes beautifully and she has an air of mystery to her. So, even though she’ll probably never see this, thank you Shreya 🙂

Ashleyleia of Mental Health @ Home was a great support for me in the beginning when I was just a new blogger on the block. So I will always have a special place for her blog. She, like Becky, focuses on mental health and provides a safe, warm community for others to find each other through. Would highly recommend it.

Pooja of Life’s Fine Whine is another blogger who was friendly and inspiring in the way that she was able to foster a community through her blog by sharing guest posts and allowing others a chance to have their voices heard.

Vee of MillennialLifeCrisis has always been an inspiration for me too. I really struggled as a blogger in my first few months to gain any attention for myself and Vee set off like her blog was hit by a bolt of lightning. She made me look harder at what she was doing and how I could improve my own blog and sense of community, she’s also a little bit mysterious which is always fun. 😉

Yeka of It’s All About Love sets a standard for all of us of how we should aim to find the joy in every living minute. She also teaches how to treat each other with kindness, courtesy and supportive affection.

Jessica E Larsen, Kristian, Nova, Watt

There are so many others of course, but a special shout out to these people for the influence that they’ve had on my first few months of blogging.

You all deserve recognition. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog posts, you make a heck of a difference in one Wolf’s life. 😉 ❤ 



20 thoughts on “The Inspiration Award from Becky

  1. Oh Mat, YOU inspire me! You know that friend! 💛⭐️🌟💫 Thanks with much love, respect, affection, and celebration! 🎉🥳🍾 CHEERS TO THE AWESOMELY BRILLIANT WOLF BOY!!! 👏👏👏 KEEP INSPIRING!!!

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