Are Trump Supporters Unenlightened?

“Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to use one’s understanding without guidance from another. This immaturity is self-imposed when its cause lies not in lack of understanding, but in lack of resolve and courage to use it without guidance from another. Sapere Aude! [dare to know] “Have courage to use your own understanding!”—that is the motto of enlightenment.” – Immanuel Kant: What is Enlightenment

I’ve been learning a lot lately about Kant and his theory of Enlightenment lately and it made me wonder about the majority of loyal Trump supporters in the USA today. I’m aware that some of you may be Trump supporters yourselves and you might not like this post very much. But, well…


“I suppose it was just never meant to be…” 😥

Kant describes enlightenment as being able to think for one’s own self without having to look towards another for guidance and he speaks of the unenlightened man as being a coward or not having the courage to separate himself from the herd. In this way, the unenlightened person loses their ability to think critically and to become a fully mature and rational human-being.

Kant also believed that all citizens should be pushed towards enlightenment and not held back from it by being told what to believe by a civil authority. He believed it was most righteous and ethical for a ruler to encourage free thought and debate.

Another Quote from Kant’s “What is Enlightenment?”

“But would a society of pastors, perhaps a church assembly or venerable presbytery (as those among the Dutch call themselves), not be justified in binding itself by oath to a certain unalterable symbol in order to secure a constant guardianship over each of its members and through them over the people, and this for all time: I say that this is wholly impossible. Such a contract, whose intention is to preclude forever all further enlightenment of the human race, is absolutely null and void, even if it should be ratified by the supreme power, by parliaments, and by the most solemn peace treaties. One age cannot bind itself, and thus conspire, to place a succeeding one in a condition whereby it would be impossible for the later age to expand its knowledge”

“What did that have to do with anything, Wolf Boy?”

Well… President Trump has been recognized as the worst serving American President in known history by the American Political Science Association. He’s systematically America’s alliances, aiding his country’s adversaries, encouraging dire climate change effects, he’s a known racist, and misogynist, leading his country to the point of economic recession, blatantly undermining the US democratic system, and is a pathological liar. Most of these facts are well-known worldwide and yet he is still accepted by a hardcore group of supporters, unwilling to budge from their positions, no matter what atrocities he commits and they are fiercely loyal.


The law doesn’t matter to a majority of his supporters even with hard-hitting evidence like obstruction, as alluded to in the Mueller Report. Often trump employs a manipulation tactic called gas-lighting on his supporters by telling them to believe only him, and to ignore all other forms of information. He does this by calling any negative attention “fake news” and he mocks objective media coverage. He is known to twist truths and he controls irrational minds by stoking fear and hate, which is often racially charged. The supporters believe it without digging deeper than his word, his party’s word, or the word of very partisan news channels like Fox News.

This made me think of Kant’s “Enlightenment” philosophy because I believe that a large number of his followers are being manipulated and it’s because they are incapable of  independent thought without guidance from another source, unable to question his lies or the lies of his party and to see through his visage of being…


“…like, a really smart guy”

– Donald Trump, President of the USA

They believe what they are told more or less. They don’t bother to fact check and if they do, they work hard to rationalize away their observations rather than allowing the new information to change their opinions. I suspect that none of them want the curtain to fall. If open racism, sexism, hatred, lies, corruption and incompetence aren’t enough to deter his supporters and they willingly believe his propaganda, then I see no alternative then to suppose that they are either victims of manipulation, uneducated, cowards trying to fit in with their crowd or hatefully prejudiced people.

I don’t believe that it is coincidental that a large number of Trump supporter’s are Evangelical Christians, since it’s common practice for Evangelicals to surrender free thought in servitude to the Church, their Bible and their Religion. They take their beliefs with an all-in or all-out approach, similar to a cult. They believe what they are told from the one they worship, God. But it’s a message from God delivered through the Church and the Church is run by a man. Taking “God’s word” as ultimate actually means believing in the Church’s word as ultimate and the church is run by a man at the top. So believing everything Trump says is not a far stretch for these types. These people do not believe in the need to think for themselves, since the thinking is done for them and so they are far from enlightenment as described by Kant and likely wallow in immaturity. I think this is a big part of the reason why Trump still retains support regardless of his shortcomings and the way that he is destroying – both America and the world at large.

Thoughts? Opinions? Feel free to leave them down below!

43 thoughts on “Are Trump Supporters Unenlightened?

  1. Two things—The religious right demands religious autonomy, the freedom to operate according to their beliefs. Challenging that belief is now considered persecution and often leads to fake outrage and a pseudo violations of rights. The funny thing is, demanding this autonomy while a voluntary member of an organization that tells them what to do or think, monitors there every move 24/7 and even after they’re dead, only proves they are the ones that need strict governance.
    The other thing I’d like to mention is the second greatest commandment, love your neighbor as yourself speaks volumes on how they must really feel about themselves while stuck in a system that initiates on self deprecation as the fallen and worthless sinner, and ends with all their enemies burning in hell. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, should read “treat others the way they want to be treated”. Funny, a god would’ve known that the abused become abusers and self image is no way to guide your own behavior in the treatment of others.

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    1. Oh and to answer your question, enlightenment requires letting go. It’s an act of total faith really, not clinging to tradition, power, ideals, or the idols of gods. So the short answer is no.

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    2. Woah. Super interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing. Yeah religion does seem to make a lot of demands for itself which it does not necessarily reciprocate to others who are deemed by them as “non-believers”. I feel like if we only focused on eliminating hypocrisy then in the end, all things would fix themselves.


  2. It’s an interesting point about the support from Evangelicals. They talk about Trump as being ordained by God as president, which in many ways is pretty bizarre given his pussy-grabbing ways. I seem to recall hearing in a documentary that the Evangelicals have essentially bought and paid for him.

    It’s also strange how most people would regard Trump and see the nonsense that free flows out of his mouth as an indication he’s unfit to lead, but his supporters don’t see it that way. It seems like their take is that him shooting his mouth off about anything and everything is proof that he’s not hiding anything. Meanwhile, it’s hidden right out there in the open, but they’re blind to it.

    I’m glad we live in Canada. Although this coming election isn’t looking so good, but Vee’s already talked about that…

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    1. Now I need to read that post by Vee. Yeah, Trudeau is being beaten up right now about “Brown face”. What a stupid thing taken out of context. Bad costume idea is all it is. I dont get how that’s even offensive to be honest? It doesnt make sense to me.

      He was pretending to be Alladin? Alladin was tanned. He was imitating the tan. How the hell is that racist? The worst is he agreed it was and they’re going to eat him alive for it.

      Trump tells his followers that they cant trust anybody but him. All other forms of information are fake. They believe it and so he now has plausible deniability of all reality and they just accept that. They’re weak mindless racist followers to a scumbag and they’re going to kill the planet.

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      1. I think the average Canadian back then had no clue of the racist origins of blackface makeup. i know I wasn’t aware of it until maybe a couple years ago, and certainly back in 2001 when that picture of Trudeau was taken I would’ve thought it was the same thing as wearing a costume and wig.

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      2. Oh really? Perhaps I’m just ignorant of these racist origins. I’ll have to look into it. I wonder if he knew about it, I don’t believe he would have done it if he thought it would hurt anybody. That’s the BS part though. I truly think he’s a pretty good guy even if he’s not perfect. What politician is?

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  3. As an outsider who has spent considerable time in primarily “Trump supported” areas, I am flummoxed. I think that this phenomena is a symptom of a greater problem – our democracy does not work when the election process is based on a slander and accusations. We have become numb to the noise and forgotten what governance is all about. A sad state on many levels.

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  4. Since I am Trump supporter, but to be honest I don’t think Trump will be elected. This country has been in civil war with President Trump, instead of getting behind him since day one of his term. I think they should take a closer look at the Previous President. President Obama took the Social Security away from the Senior Citizens the raise was only 1.5% cost of living which wasn’t that much, and he also forced Obama care on every one. He also open the doors of the country to some 115,000 Muslims and of that it is not known how many terrorist groups came in as well. it should also be noted that all the citizens of the United States have is Former President Obama’s word that Osema Bin Laden is deceased. There was no evidence and the body “was tossed in to the ocean” Trump unlike President Clinton didn’t and doesn’t have enough evidence to be either impeached, or removed from office Former President Clinton was on the other hand impeached for Perjury and it it also be noted that Mrs Clinton sent sensitive secret government documents, over a public server I believe it was gmail. Former President Clinton put the first freeze on raises for Social Security which left many people living on a income from 1992 with a slight relief from George Walker Bush. You are also going through election & from what I read it going be a big mud slinging campaign on both side, as will be here next year When I vote I go with my gut, and vote for the lesser of the two crooks

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    1. Where to start…

      I personally think Obama was a pretty great President for you guys. No president is perfect but compared to Trump he was educated, articulate and quite sensible. He cared about the country and the world at least. I imagine he did make some mistakes, but that’s called being human.

      As for the statistics you’ve presented about 115,000 Muslims coming into your country under his reign, I’m not sure exactly why that’s worse then 115,000 Europeans coming into your country? Not all Muslims are terrorists. No matter where people come from there are going to be a few bad apples, and if terrorists really wanted to get into your country, they wouldn’t need to immigrate. They could just fly over as a visitor and terrorize your country. 115,000 doesn’t even seem like that high of a number over the course of 8 years when there are 328,000,000 people living in the USA. So I kind of feel like that some veiled racism.

      Mrs Clinton made inappropriate emails, okay, fair enough and her husband got a BJ? Okay.

      Trump would be impeached on Obstruction of Justice charges already as indicated in the Mueller report if there wasn’t a DOJ policy that a sitting president CANNOT be indicted while in office. So the Republicans have spun it that he did no wrong, but he has. A lot of wrong, and with the recent whistle-blower complaint he’s committed even more treasonous offences.

      Trump is basically allied with Saudi Arabia and Russia. He’s helped North Korea get ahead. He hands America’s adversaries more power while detracting power from your own country by damaging your long-established alliances and mocking friendly leaders. Breaks the law repeatedly by privately profiteering from his position. Is openly racist, sexist and dishonest. Has bypassed your constitution on multiple occasions, decimated the rules of your democratic systems by ignoring subpoenas and essentially, doing whatever he wants with your country. He holds meetings in private with your countries adversaries. Let’s not even talk about ICE, or his random twitter spirals about other countries leaders… He’s also going to let the world burn up and do nothing about climate change, so I hope his voters don’t have any Grandchildren that they care about.

      I suppose I just don’t see how he’s even on the same level as any past president? But that’s a matter of perspective, and if anyone fails to look at his actions rationally and objectively then they just believe what they believe without looking at the facts. So it’s hard to hold a debate with that type. I hope America gets a better President for everyone’s sake. The world is in a definite crisis right now and the world needs some strong kind-hearted leaders to continue a movement towards a brighter future that accepts everyone, takes care of everyone and is ethical/moral.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. That was a hard one to respond to. lol…

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      1. Obama like every other politician was out for what made him look good If you go back to Kennedy you will find he a special door called the Kennedy put in so he could sneak out and enjoy the ladies if you get my meaning. I honestly think that when Darwin wrote “The Origin of the Species he was studying the Politicians in Washington DC, monkeys out the voters. from the President right on down, every election year they promise many things, to the poor and homeless, and after the election they throw the stuff from the hole before have it buried. I’m one extremely low income at 320.00 a month & if I was able I would have to wait for 3 to 5 years before I’d become eligible for low income or section eight So yes I might be a tad prejudice, Do I think Obama was good President No!!! but Obama done & out & Trump has possibly kicked himself out of office. So I sit in the dung of being poor and wait for the next President to bend me and all the others who can’t afford housing over. I just want say there many as well as the working homeless. which will be a blog soon so I’lll just leave it

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      2. As a fan of Darwin, I can guarantee you he was writing about biological evolution hahah. But perhaps you were making a joke there.

        I’m not looking to debate your points of view but I respect your wanting a better life. As an outsider looking in, I genuinely think America’s best chance for real progress is going to be with Warren or Sanders, and it’s fine if we disagree. I truly hope the world goes back to being sane soon. Take care and all the best.

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      3. All points well said I admit that Warren is the best Candidate so far I like her style and maybe it’s time we have Woman President. Like with your elections I can only hope that legislative branches get behind them & this tit for tat fight stops Best of luck to you in College I hope it’s going well for you.

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    1. if you asking me at this point Warren looks good, if trumps doesn’t make it is really to early to make an informed decision I have to hear a few more debates before I make my choice. I have learned that it’s better to hold back until a few weeks before the election. I didn’t get my midterm election in, to be honest. living where I live and having no balance to be able to walk I have to depend on others, & I didn’t get the chance to get the absentee ballot from the Activity director.

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  5. Confirmation bias is a powerful blinder to facts and logic, regardless on where one falls on political or religious spectrums. Overcoming that bias takes enormous effort and courage, so, sadly, most choose to remain comfortably in their bubbles.

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  6. I love seeing you apply what you are learning to current events and putting it in your blog. I think doing so helps reinforce that material and understand it on a deeper level. As for what you said, two thumbs up, and I admire your reasoned response to the Trump supporter.

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