Eh There, Hosers! Think Twice Before Electing Conservative This Year

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato

Canadian Politics 2019

This election feels very important to me, and so I’ve felt the need to write about it (even though I was supposed to be on a blogging break). I’m not wanting what’s happening in the United States and the United Kingdom right now to be happening here in Canada. There are certain patterns happening with this election that seem just a little bit too familiar for my comfort. Extreme conservatism is at the gate and just waiting for us to allow it in. Not only that, but Climate Change denial is still in full effect within the conservative party of Canada. With the world’s future at stake, each of these elections globally means more than ever before. Please think about your children and grandchildren’s futures this election day.

Canada’s Trump?

Let me list a few good reasons why I think every Canadian should be considering Liberal, NDP or Green this election day! Conservatives deserve a big old boycott for their current platform which is veiled bigotry, denial, and regression…

They Want to “Secure the Border”


Sound familiar? Apparently, there were about 10,000+ illegal border crossings between January to August of this year and over 14,000 at the same time last year (coming from the USA). Well, Andrew Scheer thinks Canadians need to get tough on securing our borders from those damn Americans. The bulk of these illegal immigrants are thought to be terrified refugees from the USA who are afraid of being deported or imprisoned.

When Andrew Scheer was asked about whether Conservatives would be open to the idea of building detention centers near the border to house immigrants in until they could be processed, he refused to answer on those possibilities. Experts say Scheer’s approach is doomed to fail but it makes for tough rhetoric in approaching the security of Canada. After all, it worked in the USA, so why wouldn’t the Conservatives try it here? Maybe he’ll want to build a wall.

The Climate Crisis


Andrew Scheer has been caught meeting with the CEOs of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) in order to strategize how they could defeat Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government. That is a huge red flag! They’d also discussed how to silence critics of pipeline projects and other destructive environmentally damning projects.

The National Observer did an analysis of how the Conservative party could single-handedly ruin Canada after the next election as well as expedite the destruction of our natural world if we were to allow them into office. There’s a link here detailing the analysis, and a quote, “Indeed, among the Tories’ key election planks is repealing the Liberals’ consumer carbon tax, rustling up as many pipelines to the oil sands as possible, removing the ban on oil tankers off the coast of B.C., repealing Bill C-69 (which limits how energy projects are approved) and getting rid of the Liberals’ new fuel standard.”

Environmental economist David Sawyer investigated the Conservative Climate Change plan and concluded the plan would “increase emissions by 9.1 Mt (Megatons) in 2022” (National Observor, 2019) We CANNOT afford to take any backward steps at this point in time with regard to climate change!

In Closing


For all of you Canadians out there, please let your voices be heard this election day and vote anything but Conservative! We are playing with fire here and we are not so different from the USA, even if we hide behind a veil of some sort of progressive idealism. We are every bit at risk of the same sort of nonsense that is happening around the globe right here at home.

It’s also important to remember that the Conservatives have the support of the Catholic Church for the most part (at least the Evangelicals) because the church itself is complicit in wanting to hold power. If you haven’t read my article about “The Family” on Netflix you can read it here which details the corruption of certain heads of faith, and also, Conservatives will be employing social media propaganda again as they did in the USA which was detailed in my article about “The Great Hack” here. Scientists know best, not fossil fuel companies and deniers! Stay informed and do your best to keep others informed!


Please Choose Carefully For Our Futures!


53 thoughts on “Eh There, Hosers! Think Twice Before Electing Conservative This Year

  1. Couldn’t resist opening and reading the post as it showed up in my email. And i am glad that i read. So very wise words and loved the quote in the beginning. Yes, use your right to vote and use it mindfully. Liberals please!! Timely and insightful post Mathew👌👏

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    1. I’m glad to hear that! And I’m glad you didn’t just blindly follow but listened to your inner morals and conscience. I have no problems with those who believe in God, but even those who worship God should be skeptical of their church and other men. Men (or women) are easily swayed by power and corrupted. Thanks for sharing your beliefs and opinion!!!

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    2. Indeed, both the conservatives and evangelicals have abdicated their moral authority for Politics, Power and Profit, the 3Ps!

      There is such a big mess now that I only have this to say, not with more words but with a stylized cartoon that I created in the parlance of political satire at

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  2. Fingers crossed for you! Hopefully there’ll be a Liberal/Democrat voice of reason in a strong position of power before the year’s out! (Especially with our own turbulent times back in the UK – hopefully there’s light at the end of the tunnel!)

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  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys that you don’t repeat our mistakes, and keeping my fingers crossed for us as we have another election next November, that we don’t repeat the same mistakes, although; that is looking more & more likely. I am trying to hold out hope!!

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  4. You are supposed to be on sabbatical but I understand the importance of the subject. Can’t believe anyone can deny climate change and the destruction of our planet. All the science we have learned over 100 years and they simply say it is not true. Best of luck in the great white north my friend!

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  5. Awesome. All the best.
    You know Mathew, very few people really think and vote. Media creates leaders. And media is owned by a few families. They call all the shots. They also impact social media. We are free and yet not free.

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  6. Well done Mathew for brining this matter to people’s attention. In this era of populism and vested interests masking as simplistic solutions it is vital that people shrug off their complacency and apathy and vote.
    Keep up the very good work

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      1. Indeed:
        An important quote to bear in mind from Elie Wiesel:
        “Always take side. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented.”
        We as peoples in our Western complacent and comfy worlds have forgotten the hard lessons of WWII.
        Thus voting has never been more important.

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  7. My husband, a staunch conservative, is voting liberal, citing that current representation “does not represent the values of my party”. He finds Andrew S a frightening human being. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for your post.

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      1. I agree with that. I hate the two-party (really just one party with minor differences) system in America. I have a feeling though that after 2020, one of the major parties will go extinct, like the Whig Party did way back when.

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