Defy This One Thing And Garner the Ability to Succeed

“I do have high standards. I look at everything I have done and think, ‘Why wasn’t that better?’ Part of my motivation is from crippling self-doubt – I have got to prove myself wrong.” – Michael Palin

There’s one thing in this life that, at one point, hides inside the shadows of every man (or woman). This one thing is summoned from inside of us and it doesn’t come from the outside although sometimes we may blame others for it. This one thing leads us to be both the assailant and the assailed, because we do this harm unto ourselves. This one thing is…


Our Own Self-Doubt

I pretty much live in my own self-doubt sometimes, so you can expect that this information comes from a reliable source. Some of us experience self-doubt more often than others, yet it’s a natural thing to experience in every person’s life. For if one never had any self-doubt, they’d end up an over-entitled mediocre abomination with a big ego…

“You know, I’m like, a really smart person” – USA President, Donald Trump

  So, for those of us that have to settle with egos that process and reflect reality more accurately, we may at times falter with our own self-confidence. Yet we need nothing more for self-confidence then to simply quiet the voice in our heads which feeds our own self-doubt. We are capable of great things, we are all capable of so much more then we believe and the only reason many of us do doubt our own abilities so much is because we’ve yet to prove those abilities to ourselves. Yet, how do we ever prove those abilities if not for defying our own self-doubt to take on a brand new challenge? There is no other way. We must believe we can or at the very least, defy the side of ourselves that believes we can not.

We have to believe that the only thing separating us from our own success is that little voice inside of our head which is telling us that we can’t or we’re not good enough.For if we believe this voice, then we shall not react to our new challenge to the fullest of our capabilities. And when we begin to believe in ourselves, our capabilities grow with our confidence. Our confidence grows with action.

Our insecurity produces nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy which destroys our chances of success preemptively so that we don’t have to worry about failing later. So many of us only think in terms of winning or failing, and it is this sort of mentality which becomes such a plague among people and their self-esteems. We’d be more efficient to  think in terms of winning or learning; for there is no fail as long as we take action, learn and never give up…

…Like this we can only grow

So the next time you notice self-doubt creeping into your life and you hear that little voice in the back of your head telling you what you can or can not do. Take a minute to fight fire with fire, doubt your self-doubt and drive confidence into your soul. Believing in ourselves is nothing more then doing what we are required to; the real trick is to avoid self-sabotaging along the way. We just need to put ourselves and our hard work out there, egos aside. Each and every one of us human beings are capable of incredible things, and we simply need to find what we’re good at and what we enjoy. That can take some time and it starts by pushing outside of our comfort zones, then growing.

Don’t let yourself become your own worst enemy!
Believe in yourself, the way that you believe in others…
And remember to be your own biggest supporter.


Please, Believe in Yourself!
Thoughts? Comments? Leave them down below!

33 thoughts on “Defy This One Thing And Garner the Ability to Succeed

  1. A very important post Mathew.
    Most people are prone to this (I get dreadful flash backs to things that went wrong, even 60 years ago)…..In consequence most folk could publish a book and have 50 good reviews but pay more attention to the 1 troll.
    We all need that smidge of arrogance to get us through, just like the small pinch of salt or flavouring to the meal.
    You were quite right to put up a reference to Trump this is why such creatures as he get to the ‘top of a pole’ they are bereft of humility, conscience or care, for the rest of us, it’s the balancing act.

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      1. Thank you Mathew.
        Sadly you will find throughout history there is a littering of inadequates who when they reached the top were never even close to being up to the mark. Boris Johnson and Trump being the latest examples, blustering and flailing about the place with no true visions.
        As the saying goes:
        ‘You can talk the Talk, but can you walk The Walk?’

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  2. I think my drive for perfection and to succeed supersedes the fact that I feel I’m never obtaining the standards I’ve set for myself. I don’t necessarily doubt myself, I do how ever feel the work I put in is never good enough. This results in me just doing more and more on top of what is already been done. Possibly to be considered an over achiever? It’s a tough attribute to work around at times because there’s a lack of confidence with end results.

    Thanks for the great post; have an awesome weekend!

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  3. Something I can relate to on a personal level, crippling in fact for the past 21 years… I also know and fully understand about choice and how to change your thinking. It’s what I teach 🙂 when it comes to the self it seems there are many more lessons to learn, that’s why I’m here now. Thank you 🙏

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