Good Clowns Don’t Frown!

Let me tell you the tale of young Bozo the buffoon
With the face of a clown but the depth of a spoon
Spent many-a-night alone in the dark, where he’d croon.
He created animal balloons beneath a glowing pink moon,
He’d tie up chiphumps, pelliquacks and alligorks too.
Six hundred kinds of balloon beneath the light of the moon.
Yet a clown, he was not, at least not as his Pa saw it.
Too dead inside to feel real pleasure,
Too disengaged to overcome those clownly pressures,
Just awkward and sullen in all of his gestures.


Too sad for a clown, on the verge of a breakdown.
Not right in the head, he was a screw with no threads.
Bozo’s dad’s name was Willzo, the greatest clown in the land!
All smiles laughs, and great glee,
but also… great fear…


Willzo pressed Bozo,
That he must one day fill his shoes.
And to Willzo’s chagrin,
 Bozo just watched his lips move.
Clown or not, which he may be,
he thought, he’d not need prove his plea.
Willzo retorted in hasty anger,
but, in this poison Bozo grew;
“Lift a smile, drop that frown, you sad clown!
You’re a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.
A sad, mad, sad clown.
without another soul to love you.”


Bozo stood still for a moment with a balloon on a string
A painted smile on his face, over a frown,
brought on by the sting…
He is father’s toothy grin in his face
(the one he labelled, the buffoon).
Bozo held him in contempt;
he longed for a murdering embrace.
There was a twitch in his cheek,
 and then he grinned, cracked and squeaked.


At that moment, something snapped in the buffoon,
for with a snap of his arm, his father’d eat his balloon!
Willzo fell on his back, with his hands in the air,
then Bozo stomped hard on his throat,
until he lacked a neck for neckwear.


He giggled and laughed for the first time in years
In the back of his mind, he heard clapping and cheers.
For he’d finally found his happy place,
and then he ate his father’s face…

Kristian from Life Lessons From Around The Dinner Table issued me a challenge to write a horror story in the style of Dr. Seuss. I admit that I lost the Dr. Seuss rhythm about halfway through but it was a fun attempt anyways! Thanks for challenge Kristian.

What do you think? Success or a flop?

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