About the Author

Welcome to Blog of the Wolf Boy!

My name is Mathew, and this blog was created as a way for me to practice my creative writing before I returned to school to study towards a Major in English. I’ve always loved writing and creating throughout my life, but I had never thought about pursuing this skill as a career until I had injured myself at the end of 2018 by herniating a disc in my cervical spine. Suddenly my future ambitions needed to change and writing seemed like a great place to set my sights.

Blog of the Wolf Boy deals mostly with becoming a better writer, recognizing and accepting ourselves for who we are without pretense. I also talk about mental health, and other bits and pieces which tickle my fancy along the way. I’m stubbornly opinionated when it comes to contentious issues and I can’t help but speak my mind.

I’m also a new father to the a little girl and the brightest light in my life.


Thanks for taking this journey with me.