One Memorable(ish) Night in Wellington, New Zealand

“He dozed off, into a dreamless oblivion, for what seemed like seconds but was in fact hours, and awoke hungover, the inner surface of his skull pulsing like a single, giant nerve being chewed by some ruminant animal.” ― Alex Shakar, Luminarium Mt. Victoria It was a warm, dark, late Summer night in Wellington, New Zealand. The … Continue reading One Memorable(ish) Night in Wellington, New Zealand

When the World is Looking Dark, Choose to live

"Never attempt to murder a man who is committing suicide." - Woodrow Wilson If there was ever anything constant in my life, it's been my ever-present desire to be loved, my fear of death, and ultimately, unconsciously, a desire to die. A fine cocktail mixed for a lonely person whose fear of impending doom only … Continue reading When the World is Looking Dark, Choose to live

Neoliberalism and Class Struggles in Democracy (w/ Karl Marx and David Harvey)

"Capitalism is like fire: keep it under control and it will give you heat and light; leave it untended and it will consume everything in its path.” ― Billy Bragg Neoliberalism and Class Struggle One of my favourite classes in University has been Social and Political Thought because it's focused on important philosophers who've influenced the … Continue reading Neoliberalism and Class Struggles in Democracy (w/ Karl Marx and David Harvey)

The School Term Comes to an End, Back to Blogging

“Home is where you go to find solace from the ever-changing chaos, to find love within the confines of a heartless world, and to be reminded that no matter how far you wander, there will always be something waiting when you return.” ― Kendal Rob   Hey there wolfpack, I'm hoooome! I just wanted to apologize … Continue reading The School Term Comes to an End, Back to Blogging

Lying Just Beyond the Mortal Light

Truth is beautiful, Truth is good, Good is beautiful, Good is truth, Beauty is good, Beauty is truthful. The Pinnacle of Celestial Qualities Corrupted by humanities cross and ugly natures. For everything that is not good, is not beautiful. For everything that is not true, is not good. Beauty marred only behind the fires of his basest desires, and in … Continue reading Lying Just Beyond the Mortal Light

Good Clowns Don’t Frown! Let me tell you the tale of young Bozo the buffoon With the face of a clown but the depth of a spoon Spent many-a-night alone in the dark, where he'd croon. He created animal balloons beneath a glowing pink moon, He'd tie up chiphumps, pelliquacks and alligorks too. Six hundred kinds of balloon … Continue reading Good Clowns Don’t Frown!

Wild Poetry: Wayfarer (By Rashi Singh)

Wayfarer Roaming the mounts Wandering the seven seas There is much to explore Much to feed his fantasies Trysts of meandering rivers And bridges, extending arms To the summits encircling them Lying vulnerably are the farms. He maunders around places From dales to towns Where pines are sentinels And the peaks form crowns. Nature takes … Continue reading Wild Poetry: Wayfarer (By Rashi Singh)

An Arctic Air Anoon

Snow sails softly signifying Santa soon. Making more melodramatic meandering- Believably, by bringing brackish boon. Propagated peace; plus pretentious philandering, Transformed torches tipped to the tallow. So some sailing snows should suspect surrender. Softening, stimulating, sickeningly shallow; solvent- Tossing, turning till ticking times turn tender. Free-foraging forgiveness from fearful fetid family fallows. Breezes blow by … Continue reading An Arctic Air Anoon

University, Updates and Reflections

It's been a while since I've just written without any real objective in my writing, and sometimes that spurs all sorts of different revelations or reflections. So, today I thought that I would return to that sort of writing... Let's start with, what's been new with me? Well, I've been working hard at my studies … Continue reading University, Updates and Reflections