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There are so many fantastic blogs out there to be read and sometimes it’s difficult to locate them, especially the newcomers. I know that there are many talented and friendly bloggers out there who read my work from time to time, and so, I wanted to give back a little by extending an invitation to each and every reader to contribute to this page.

Share your blog for all to see, or find a few new ones to check out at some point!

  1. Introduce your blog and tell us what you’re all about.
  2. Leave a URL to your blog for others to discover.

Sharing is caring. Let’s grow this community.

Thanks for participating!

29 thoughts on “Blog Share

  1. Bonjour, je m’appelle Vee.

    Hello, Mathew… Thank you for setting up this page for your blogging community to find one another!

    I’m an unemployed millennial who likes to blog about Unemployment, Travel and Mental Health. I like outside-of-the-box thinkers and individuals. I love people who are true to themselves, they are ideal blogs that I seek to follow. I love all things unique, one of a kind and honest . – if you’d like to come and say hey!!!

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  2. Hola Mathew,
    You certainly have a way with people. In a month, I’ve seen your blog get 200 more follows. The way you dialogue with people is exemplary. I’m working to be a more responsive blogger following your example. I write about self-actualization through travel, about amazing women past and present, bilingual parenting (Spanish and English) and the beauty of the Latin American peoples, cultures and landscapes. My blog name reflects my outlook on life, persistently pursuing my goals; publishing a memoir about studying in Spain despite awkwardness with agents and setbacks.
    Gracias! Rebecca

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    1. Thank you Rebecca, it took me 4 months just to get 100 followers but I’ve just realised what I’m doing in the past month or two I guess.

      People want to be cared about. Thank you for joining us and your kind words. 😊

      Its exciting you were able to study in Spain where were you from originally if you don’t mind me asking?

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  3. Matt, this is phenomenal thing, I’m honored to share with everyone. You are such an amazing guy and keep it 100% authentic to who you are and I truly appreciate you xoxo

    Hey Everyone, I’m Taylor Grace, from

    I kinda just write whatever comes to mind, they really write themselves in my head and I just have to be quick enough and smart enough to write it down at that moment, which I have failed to do many times lol, or it just disappers. Typically my writing is sexual or emotion based with the occasional light hearted piece but I always try to be humble and offer graditude to those to read my stuff and/or comment/follow my blog. In fact, Tuesdays are specifically Tuesday Mingle days, where I offer my graditude and request everyone to post a link to their blog in the comments section. Sharing is caring, right lol I look forward to taking a look a the blogs posted here!

    Taylor Grace

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  4. Hi Matt. Thank you for this opportunity. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years, but only started becoming more actively engaged with the blogging community a few months ago. My blog covers a variety of topics. I look forward to reading more posts from the people who have shared their blogs here.
    And congrats on hitting 500 followers!

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