Lying Just Beyond the Mortal Light

Truth is beautiful, Truth is good, Good is beautiful, Good is truth, Beauty is good, Beauty is truthful. The Pinnacle of Celestial Qualities Corrupted by humanities cross and ugly natures. For everything that is not good, is not beautiful. For everything that is not true, is not good. Beauty marred only behind the fires of his basest desires, and in … Continue reading Lying Just Beyond the Mortal Light

Good Clowns Don’t Frown! Let me tell you the tale of young Bozo the buffoon With the face of a clown but the depth of a spoon Spent many-a-night alone in the dark, where he'd croon. He created animal balloons beneath a glowing pink moon, He'd tie up chiphumps, pelliquacks and alligorks too. Six hundred kinds of balloon … Continue reading Good Clowns Don’t Frown!

An Arctic Air Anoon

Snow sails softly signifying Santa soon. Making more melodramatic meandering- Believably, by bringing brackish boon. Propagated peace; plus pretentious philandering, Transformed torches tipped to the tallow. So some sailing snows should suspect surrender. Softening, stimulating, sickeningly shallow; solvent- Tossing, turning till ticking times turn tender. Free-foraging forgiveness from fearful fetid family fallows. Breezes blow by … Continue reading An Arctic Air Anoon

Wild Poetry: Autumn (By Sarika)

Beneath the wistful skies, I behold... the sight of auburn autumn, on my threshold... Sweeping strokes of the whistling winds, brushing my cheeks.... Under fading warmth of the sun and air, so bleak... Once brimming with youth, the sunflowers bold.... Now stooping down, growing old.... Once swooning in verdant luscious foliage.... the lovelorn trees now, standing bare … Continue reading Wild Poetry: Autumn (By Sarika)

Darkness, Darkness, Darkness

Darkness, Darkness, Darkness Drape nothing but black velvet before my eyes And hide me from the reality which I've seen before me. Creatures darker than the nights skies, With terrible glowing lenses through which they see. Ugly horrible things that prey upon the living, They tear the fleshy sinew clear from their bones. The blood … Continue reading Darkness, Darkness, Darkness

Shadows and Reconciliation – Poetry Collab (Ft. Holly of House of Heart)

Where Shadows Cannot Reach (House of Heart) Without you I've become narrow. In your absence I've forgotten how to love and autumn is an ache beneath my ribs crumbling like my world the last time I saw you.   I have captured your voice, reassembled it in my throat so as not to forget the … Continue reading Shadows and Reconciliation – Poetry Collab (Ft. Holly of House of Heart)

Wild Poetry: Paradise (By Jessica E Larsen)

Today we took a walk, Through the wild flowers in the forest. Climb the hill beside a beautiful brook Lay on the soft green grass beneath the blue, blue sky Listening to the tree leaves rustle at gentle breeze As if saying ‘hey everything’s going to be okay’ As the night falls Here we are, … Continue reading Wild Poetry: Paradise (By Jessica E Larsen)

Wild Poetry: Wild Side (By Brad Osborne)

We allow the trappings of what we have become. The haute couture wrappings of an upright kingdom. To infect how we think and how we see ourselves. Repressing all instinct, where nature sits and delves. This courtesy and tact we present to the world. Hides the genetic fact, an inner beast is curled. For even … Continue reading Wild Poetry: Wild Side (By Brad Osborne)