In Love With A Ghost – A Terrible Poem

This is in response to Chelsea's weekly Terrible Poetry contest. The topic is plot twists. I've fallen in love with a ghost, She's the one I care for the most. No matter where I am, She's always there. Supports me with this cross I bare. Touches me in places where, Other people aren't aware... ~ … Continue reading In Love With A Ghost – A Terrible Poem

A Letter To Wolf Boy

Thanks so much to Dragon for this kind-hearted poem. 🙂 ❤

Den of Dreams

Dear Wolf Boy,

May this letter finds you in good health and spirit. I apologise for being so late and I really aimed to write this one long, long ago.

I can’t say how much I admire you and what a great treasure you have given me. I don’t find enough words to fill in my gratitude. And perhaps, words can never express the vastness of my feelings as well.

I am no great poet as you are, but still I try my best to pen my admiration for you in a poem.

The Wolf Boy

Breaking through dark cages,

And dark phases

Of dark times,

Standing out of the pack,

Showering sunshine

And warmth around the worlds.

Your courage has no boundary,

Your inner strength has no border,

You have stood up again,

You have looked broader

All around the worlds.

Master, you are, at controlling words,

Entangling hundreds…

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Discipline, Drive, and Self-Motivation

"Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all." - George Washington Discipline and Motivation I was speaking with a new blogger friend of mine, TMP, whom I've only recently met and we were discussing the subject of discipline on a post of his. … Continue reading Discipline, Drive, and Self-Motivation

When You Hit Rock Bottom. There’s Nowhere to Go But Up!

“Look up, always. Look back, never.” ― Karen Quan Just a Quick Note: Some of my oldest posts, I plan on re-editing and releasing again in the next month or so, because my writing was still very amateur in the beginning and they were never really read, but I believe the messages in those posts were important. … Continue reading When You Hit Rock Bottom. There’s Nowhere to Go But Up!

Behind the Author: Filosofa’s Word

Hello again friends, bloggers and muses, Welcome back to another installment of Behind the Author. This is where we journey behind the scenes in one writer's life to understand a little more about them and how they've ended up where they are now. As always, the point is to better understand the inner sanctum of … Continue reading Behind the Author: Filosofa’s Word

The Road of Curiosities – Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Another creative writing challenge, and my first attempt at this one. The challenge is to create a story of under 300 words to accompany the picture which I have used for the feature of this post. You can find the original challenge post here. And, here's my little piece of work, … Continue reading The Road of Curiosities – Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

A Letter – From Past to Present & Present to Past

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” ― Rabindranath Tagore Letters To Myself I was out for a walk yesterday, and I was thinking about the intricacies of life. Not only the intricacies of life, but our perceptions of those … Continue reading A Letter – From Past to Present & Present to Past