Good Clowns Don’t Frown! Let me tell you the tale of young Bozo the buffoon With the face of a clown but the depth of a spoon Spent many-a-night alone in the dark, where he'd croon. He created animal balloons beneath a glowing pink moon, He'd tie up chiphumps, pelliquacks and alligorks too. Six hundred kinds of balloon … Continue reading Good Clowns Don’t Frown!

The Wizard’s Elixir – 50 Word Thursday Challenge

I thought that I'd tackle another 50 word Thursday challenge, where one's creative prowess is tested with only one picture and one quote to be used for inspiration. The rule is to write a creative work in 50 word increments up to a maximum of 250 words. This week's picture is featured above, and here's the … Continue reading The Wizard’s Elixir – 50 Word Thursday Challenge