An Arctic Air Anoon

Snow sails softly signifying Santa soon. Making more melodramatic meandering- Believably, by bringing brackish boon. Propagated peace; plus pretentious philandering, Transformed torches tipped to the tallow. So some sailing snows should suspect surrender. Softening, stimulating, sickeningly shallow; solvent- Tossing, turning till ticking times turn tender. Free-foraging forgiveness from fearful fetid family fallows. Breezes blow by … Continue reading An Arctic Air Anoon

Wild Poetry: Paradise (By Jessica E Larsen)

Today we took a walk, Through the wild flowers in the forest. Climb the hill beside a beautiful brook Lay on the soft green grass beneath the blue, blue sky Listening to the tree leaves rustle at gentle breeze As if saying ‘hey everything’s going to be okay’ As the night falls Here we are, … Continue reading Wild Poetry: Paradise (By Jessica E Larsen)

Wild Poetry: Wild Side (By Brad Osborne)

We allow the trappings of what we have become. The haute couture wrappings of an upright kingdom. To infect how we think and how we see ourselves. Repressing all instinct, where nature sits and delves. This courtesy and tact we present to the world. Hides the genetic fact, an inner beast is curled. For even … Continue reading Wild Poetry: Wild Side (By Brad Osborne)

Wild Poetry: My Crisp October Morning (Guest Poem by Kristian)

My Crisp October Morning Who made the Earth? The stars and the moon? Who told the Sequoias to grow so tall? And who made the raven? This raven - perched upon my fence post singing her bird songs and scanning the ground for worms Swooping down to snatch one and unhinging her jaw as she … Continue reading Wild Poetry: My Crisp October Morning (Guest Poem by Kristian)

The Power of Nature

"There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature." - Henry David Thoreau The Power of Nature Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Feelings of Helplessness. Feelings of Hopelessness. These are all too common symptoms of modern living. We all carry some burden of stress in our lives. The … Continue reading The Power of Nature

Travels of the Wild Boy: The Wolf (Pt. II)

Hayden could still taste the smoky flesh of the cooked trout caught between his teeth. He’d been walking for a few hours now along the roadside, shaping a stick from a young tree with a knife as he went. The stick was about two feet long and an inch in diameter. He thought it might come in handy later since the moisture in the wood made it a little more resistant to any fire.