Lying Just Beyond the Mortal Light

Truth is beautiful, Truth is good, Good is beautiful, Good is truth, Beauty is good, Beauty is truthful. The Pinnacle of Celestial Qualities Corrupted by humanities cross and ugly natures. For everything that is not good, is not beautiful. For everything that is not true, is not good. Beauty marred only behind the fires of his basest desires, and in … Continue reading Lying Just Beyond the Mortal Light

Hiking the Queen Charlotte Track in New Zealand

Back when I was exploring New Zealand in 2011, the most adventurous thing that I had ever done was hike the Queen Charlotte Track with an Irish man, whom I had just met a few weeks prior. We went out to a track that runs 71km from the end of a highway, out towards the ocean through rolling hills surrounded by a sound (or seawater). It was probably the highlight of my backpacking experience, over those 2 years I spent abroad because I was feeling adventurous, but I knew not what the fuck I was doing and that will become apparent in the story to come!