Wild Poetry: Autumn (By Sarika)

Beneath the wistful skies, I behold... the sight of auburn autumn, on my threshold... Sweeping strokes of the whistling winds, brushing my cheeks.... Under fading warmth of the sun and air, so bleak... Once brimming with youth, the sunflowers bold.... Now stooping down, growing old.... Once swooning in verdant luscious foliage.... the lovelorn trees now, standing bare … Continue reading Wild Poetry: Autumn (By Sarika)

Goodbye Dear Summer, Hello Newcomer

Squirrels and chipmunks pitter-patter and chatter, As Fall's warm breath turns to Winter's icy exhalation. The stars in the sky float at ease, before turning into frigid constellations. ~ Autumn being just a tease, of an unpleasant time to come. The smell of decay rides upon the breeze, As the Earth bids adieu to the … Continue reading Goodbye Dear Summer, Hello Newcomer